Prep Tables

Just-right cooling keeps your ingredients fresh and ready for serving.

With our full-size TS Series Prep Tables, Traulsen delivers the cooling system that makes exceeding NSF7 requirements an everyday reality. Whether your pan is filled to the brim with lettuce or you’re reaching for that last slice of cheese at the bottom. Traulsen's Prep Tables will stay consistently fresh and cool. Traulsen's TempAssure® air-channel system circulates a cool blanket of air above and below prep table pans, extending over the food's surface and down the entire length of the rail and into the bottom cabinet. 


The self-contained refrigeration system eliminates ice and water clean up, saving you time and labor costs. Ever convenient, the system allows you to store food overnight by simply covering with plastic wrap and lowering the rail cover for easy next-day set up.


Traulsen Prep Tables are built for the long haul, made with high-grade materials and with features, service and support that ensure top performance and ongoing cost saving every shift, every day, for years to come. Our Prep Tables are made with stainless steel through and through—from rails and covers to interior door liners. 


Our refrigerated Prep Tables are analyzed using a rigorous computer-assisted refrigeration testing system (C.A.R.T.S.) that integrates a variety of testing protocols from leak detection and performance evaluation to charging and system performance—all to ensure the highest level of product reliability.

Whatever your need, let Traulsen's Prep Tables help you keep your cool.

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