Traulsen EZ-Open Foot Pedal

Hands-free door openings made easy!

Ever convenient, Traulsen’s Foot Pedal grants hands-free access to the interior of Traulsen units. By simply pushing the lever with the ball of the foot, the door immediately opens, making it easy for kitchen staff to access refrigeration contents when their hands are full. Hands are left free to manage contents transferred to the unit, reducing potential spills while allowing kitchen staff to be more productive.

This hands-free solution also provides a more hygienic approach to door openings by reducing skin-to-surface touchpoints and the potential spread of germs and bacteria.

Key Benefits:

EZ-Open Foot Pedal In Use by Foodservice Operator

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Press-and-Go Convinience

  • Supports Sanitation Efforts 

  • Ergonomically Positioned Close to Door and Offset from Floor

  • Complements Traulsen’s Standard Stay-Open Door Feature

Note: The EZ-Open Foot pedal is an optional accessory only available on R & A Series Reach-In models with full-height doors.

Brochures, Spec Sheets & Additional Resources

EZ-Open Foot Pedal Sell Sheet