Blast Chiller with Hands Free Cycle Start

Once the temperature probe is in place, Traulsen Blast Chillers can begin chilling cooked food to safe storage temperatures.

Menu presets offer customization and flexibility for a large variety of foods, and the auto start mode chills multiple batches without any staff input, while

Easy to use graphic display

On-board printing provides documentation detailed to comply with HACCP guidelines

  • No Buttons to Push.  Simply placing one or more food probes into any hot product automatically initiates a Blast Chill Cycle.  
  • Three food probes allow for easy Multi-Batching.
  • The Manual Mode provides adjustable Temp/Time targets and flexible chill/freeze cycle parameters.
  • On-board printer provides complete HACCP documentation for every chill cycle.

Improperly cooled foods are one of the leading causes of food borne illness.  Traulsen Blast Chillers make the process of rapidly chilling hot foods easy to sustain, day after day, while documenting automatically your kitchen staff’s due diligence.  Now that’s peace of mind.

Some of the ease-of-use features of the award-winning Traulsen Blast Chillers include Auto-Start, an adjustable Manual Operating Model, Three Removable Food Probes (ideal for multi-batching), 90-Day Cycle Memory, an On Board Printer and USB Port to retrieve past Cycle Data.


Ease of Use

No matter what’s on the menu, your staff can simply load food into the blast chiller, place a probe(s) and then walk away. The machine does the rest!

In addition to the Auto Start operating mode, each Traulsen Blast Chiller can also store up to 250 custom"chill recipe" presets for operator convenience with large and/or varied menus. Locating the recipe you need and/or programming new items is accomplished easily using Traulsen's exclusive touch screen control.


The documentation is nearly as important as the process itself and without it your business is vulnerable to Health Department citations or worse.

Traulsen's automatically generated, complete record keeping, maintains a 90-day record of your HACCP compliance that can be easily recalled at any time.


Intuitive Food Safety Technology

Epicon Visual Interface
Easy-to-use graphical display simplifies tasks
Best in Class
Traulsen Blast Chillers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2017

Model Comparison

*1-Includes self-contained compressor for maintenance mode, requires remote condensing unit for blast chill operation
ModelModelSystemPan Capacity 12x 20"/18x 26"
TBC5UndercounterSelf Contained10 – 5
TBC13Reach-InSelf Contained26 – 13
TBC1HRoll-InRemote 1Varies by Rack (1)
TBC1HRRoll-ThruRemote 1Varies by Rack (1)
TBC2HRoll-InRemote 1Varies by Rack (2)
TBC2HRRoll-ThruRemote 1Varies by Rack (2)