We've been a proud supporter of our customers in foodservice and food retail for 85 years.

From the world's most demanding restaurants to the quick-serve café around the corner, Traulsen equipment is an indispensable part of food service operations around the world. Our refrigeration equipment can make a difference in any organization that cares about reliability, food safety and longevity.


Traulsen works with consultants and dealers on everything from stock orders to completely custom, one-off projects. Contact us for materials available to help you do more with Traulsen products.
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Food Service

No matter how hot your working environment gets, or how much product you're dealing with on a daily basis, Traulsen refrigerators and freezers are up to the task.
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Traulsen products can dramatically change the way food product is displayed in your grocery, delivering a completely different impression of quality to your customers.

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