Dual Temperature Cabinets

Refrigerator/freezer or refrigerator/hot-food holding cabinet option.

Two Smart Controls for precise temperature control

Maximum storage for two food temperatures

Balanced, self-contained refrigeration system keeps food fresh and safe

Combine Traulsen refrigeration with either a freezer or hot-food holding in one piece of equipment for the ultimate space-saving solution. Dual Temps can do it all, in the space of one cabinet.

Build a spec configuration that makes the most sense for your space and needs—it’s the safest, most effective way to do more with less.


Maximum Storage, Minimum Footprint

When space is at a premium, you’ve got to make the most of what you’ve got.

Dual Temperature Cabinets are as space-efficient as it gets, but not at the cost of durability or performance. Each insulated section maintains the exact temperature of your choosing without affecting the other section.

Easy to Use

We’ve made our Dual Temperature cabinets operator friendly too.

Our smart controls give you a digital readout down to the tenth of a decimal, and audiovisual alarms alert you should the unit ever need attention.


Two-in-One Space Efficiency

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