The secret to superb temperature control and recovery is carefully considered airflow.

Few factors are more important to the effectiveness of refrigerators, freezers and hot food cabinets than airflow. How quickly your unit can get food to safe temperatures and how quickly your unit recovers the desired temperature – it all comes down to the airflow pattern within the cabinet.


Designed to Keep Cold Air Inside

The vast majority of cabinets on the market fall in one of the most common working situations. In the middle of a busy shift, your cabinets doors may be opened multiple times each minute. Each time your open one of these cabinet doors, there is the potential for loss of cold air and the introduction of heat from your workspace.

Every time cold air escapes, your unit gets to work recovering the set temperature. It’s inefficient, hard on your equipment and–most importantly–unsafe for food product.

Traulsen cabinets, on the other hand, are working cabinets truly designed for day-to-day use. The key difference is an airflow pattern designed for units opened multiple times each day in hot, busy kitchens. Traulsen units feature an airflow pattern that helps keep the cold air in the cabinet for as long as possible. Ducting for supply and return air helps ensure balanced, even temperatures throughout the cabinet as well as efficient temperature recovery.


R & A Series Refrigerators and Freezers

Traulsen R & A Series refrigerators and freezers feature rear-biased return air ducts located in the top of each unit, reducing heat infiltration, putting less strain on the refrigeration system, maximizing equipment life as well as product shelf life. The rusult is a fast return to your set temperature, once the doors are closed — all precisely controlled and maintained by Traulsen’s INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor control to keep food fresh and safe longer, save energy — and allow your kitchen to work smarter.



Hot-food Holding Cabinets

Traulsen hot-food holding cabinets include a unique heating system that distributes hot air evenly and effectively throughout the cabinet, eliminating extremely hot or cold pockets. Thanks to a low-watt density serpentine heater, heat is distributed throughout the cabinet to keep food consistently hot and ready to serve to your customers. 


Prep Tables

Traulsen Full-Size Prep Tables feature a specially engineered forced-air design, where cold air from the evaporator flows up to the pan rail, circulating around and over food pans. Surrounded by this constant, cool blanket of air, food stays safe and fresh longer, without freezing or drying out. The new TS Full-Size Prep Tables deliver up to 15 hours of NSF 7-Certified temperature performance.