Full-Size Undercounter Refrigerators

The standard by which all undercounter cabinets should be measured.

Available in 44", 72" and 100" sizes (one, two and three sections)

Patented Plug and Play

Digital Microprocessor

Drawer and door styles available

Building a premium, fully-loaded undercounter unit that the world’s best and busiest kitchens rely on takes effort. But it’s worth it.

Essentially the undercounter equivalent to our R-series spec line reach-ins, Traulsen’s full-size undercounter refrigerators offer our best in internal space allowance across a wide variety of sizes. The modern features, efficiency and no-nonsense food safety are what you’d expect from an industry leader. It’s right at home in any kitchen serious about quality and longevity.


As Versatile as It Gets

Load your undercounter unit to the gills, trade out doors for drawers, add a working surface on top.

Build your cabinet just the way you want it, and you’ll never want to let it go (or need to).

Traulsen Cooling Tech Inside

Kitchens get hot – that’s a given.

But it’s not a given that your undercounter cabinet is designed to handle it. Our airflow pattern is specially designed to cope with frequent opening, even in the busiest environments.


Difference-Making Details

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel