Glycol Prep Tables

Meet the New King
of Cool

Exceeds NSF requirements by maintaining food at or below 39° using *specified 6” deep pans

No frost. No defrost. No fans.

Evaporator coils are recessed to allow superior refrigeration flow for stored pans

The Traulsen Glycol Prep Table is designed to excel within the most harsh and demanding of kitchen environments. Tested under extremeley stressful conditions, the Glycol Prep Table ensures your food will remain safe, all while elimininating temperature inconsistencies, frost buildup, defrost cycles or damaged food well components.

The Glycol Prep Table is eco-friendly, too. Freon and copper usage for cooling is greatly reduced, and the amount of refigerant required for cooling is reduced by 46%. The tables' glycol system helps reduce environmental damage and eliminates system clogs and frozen coils. A steady flow of glycol liquid coursing through the grouping of aluminum divider bars keeps food in the safety zone, keeps you calm, and keeps your kitchen under control.



There’s nothing worse than fresh ingredients that dry out, freeze or collect ice.

Traulsen has perfected airflow that keeps ingredients fresh and, more importantly, at safe temperatures – for four hours or more.


Choose a size and configuration that works for you.

Between compact tables and their full-size counterparts, as well as various lengths and layouts, you’re bound to find a prep table that fits your space, budget and performance needs.


Hours of Fresh Ingredients

TempAssure® Airflow
Engineered to keep cold air in and hot air out
Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel

Models & Spec Sheets

Glycol Prep Table