Refrigerators and Freezers for Corrections

Put the safety of staff and inmates first.

Traulsen spec-line quality, preconfigured for corrections use

Customization available

Correctional food service operations have safety needs far beyond the typical commercial kitchen. Heavy, metal objects like refrigerators are easy targets for tampering, and a second-rate unit puts more than inmates’ food at risk.

Traulsen provides what has become the gold standard for corrections industry equipment—preconfigured units reinforced to anticipate and prevent misuse.


Shipped Corrections-Ready

Corrections facilities spend plenty of time keeping up with creative inmates. Our unit ships preconfigured, giving you one less thing to think about.

Features such as tip-proof legs, tamper-resistant screws and locking hasps go a long way toward maintaining safety in your facility.

Signature Traulsen Performance

Traulsen Corrections units aren’t just built to endure – they’re built to perform.

Each cabinet passes our rigorous standards tests, trusted by commercial kitchens the world over for maintaining food safety.


Corrections-Ready Features

INTELA-TRAUL™ Temp Control
Dial in your exact desired temperature
Added protection for corrections environments

Model Comparison

Standard ModelsRefrigeratorFreezerHot-Food Holding
1 & 2 Section Reach-In
1 & 2 Section Pass-Thru
1 & 2 Section Roll-In
1 & 2 Section Pull-Thru

Models & Spec Sheets

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