G-Series Refrigerators
& Freezers

Traulsen performance and peace-of-mind have never been more affordable.

Traulsen engineering on all G-Series cabinets delivers outstanding value

ENERGY STAR® models with solid doors can save up to 45 percent in annual energy costs

Three-year parts and labor warranty

Think you can’t afford a new Traulsen reach-in? Our G-Series Refrigerators and Freezers beg to differ. With their iconic look and legendary performance, these cabinets are just what your kitchen needs.

Premium features like precise temperature tuning, EZ-Clean Gaskets, and rapid temperature recovery come standard. Added benefits, like Traulsen’s innovate top-mounted, front-facing coil system ingests less kitchen dirt to save you time and money on preventative maintenance. Best of all, you can rest assured that you’re getting Trauslen reliability and quality assurance (3-Year Parts & Labor Warranty and thorough factory testing).

Bottom line: If you’re buying new and managing against a tight budget, this line is your best choice.


Fresh Food Made Easy

Simple controls and a smart design under-the-hood make it easier to store more food, longer.

The G-Series takes the guesswork out of great food. Must-have features like our industry-leading airflow technology give you confidence your food is being stored and will stay at just the right temperature.

Low Cost of Ownership

G-Series savings don’t stop the day of purchase. How much could you save in energy and maintenance costs?

For one thing, our latest designs could save you up to 45 percent in annual energy costs versus your current, non-ENERGY STAR® cabinet. And with the right preventative maintenance, you can trust you’re the right investment for the future.


Always easy, always effective.

TempAssure® Airflow
Engineered to keep cold air in and hot air out
EZ-Clean Gaskets
Safe to use bleach without disrupting the seal
INTELA-TRAUL™ Temp Control
Dial in your exact desired temperature

Model Comparison

Available in G-SeriesAvailable in R&A Series
Refrigerator (Reach-In, Pass-Thru)
Freezer (Reach-In, Pass-Thru)
-15 ° F Freezer
Corrections Package
Glass Door Options
Roll-In Options

Models & Spec Sheets

Freezer Solid Reach-In
Freezer Solid Reach-In 115V Storage
G Series Accessories
G Series Refrigerator Glass Pass-Thru
G Series Refrigerator Glass Reach-In
G Series Refrigerator Solid Pass-Thru
G Series Refrigerator Solid Reach-In
G Series Refrigerator-Freezer Solid Reach-In Export 220/50/1
R290 G Series Refrigerator Solid Reach-In
R290 G Series Refrigerator Glass Reach-In
R290 G Series Refrigerator Solid Pass-Thru
R290 G Series Refrigerator Glass Pass-Thru
R290 G Series Freezer Solid Reach-In