Fish and
Poultry Refrigerators

Don’t let a little air and water ruin your fish and poultry’s fresh flavor.

Keeps fish and poultry fresh and safe on a bed of ice

Self-closing drawers for efficiency

Special interior drawer pans include a perforated bottom for drainage

Traulsen Fish and Poultry Refrigerators are
specially designed to keep your fresh fish and poultry chilled and ready to cook—not watery or stale.

The airflow of traditional refrigerators tends to dry out fresh seafood and poultry. The Traulsen “Fish File” has a top-mounted, self-contained refrigeration system that allows cool air to gently fall down the cabinet.

Each self-closing drawer has a plastic pan with a perforated insert that allows melting ice to pass through to the pan’s drain port. Combined with gentle refrigeration, this layout keeps your fresh seafood and poultry on-ice and ready. The easiest approach yields the best results.


Serve Better Tasting Product

Stagnant crushed ice alone doesn’t treat your product well.

Dehydration can ruin your product’s taste and texture, and bacteria can take hold. The Fish File is specially designed to treat your fresh seafood and poultry gently.

Perfect for Serious Kitchens

The Fish and Poultry Refrigerator is like the trusty, convenient reach-in you know and love – but purpose built for fresh seafood and chicken.

Each unit operates at a normal temperature of 36°F, slowing ice from melting and keeping your fish or poultry in prime condition for cooking.


Designed for Freshness

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel
EZ-Clean Gaskets
Safe to use bleach without disrupting the seal

Model Comparison

Gross Capacity 19.3 cu. ft.39.6 cu. ft.
Overall Length28 in. 52.8 in.

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