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Innovative New Equipment Features from Traulsen Help Simplify Cleaning and Improve Energy Efficiency

EZ-Clean Gasket and Bare Tube Coil Enhance Performance of Hot and Cold Traulsen Units

Fort Worth, TEXAS – July 22, 2013 – Traulsen announced today the latest in a series of new customer-inspired equipment features for its refrigerators and hot-holding cabinets. The EZ-Clean Gasket and Bare Tube Coil follow the launch of the EZ-Open Foot Pedal and EZ-Change Interiors earlier this year and the introduction of Traulsen’s industry-leading three-year equipment warranty in late 2012.

“By listening to our customers Traulsen continually incorporates new ways to improve our products, services and business,” said John Davis, director of engineering and marketing for Traulsen. “Four new equipment features and our industry-leading three-year equipment warranty are all examples of innovations introduced in the past 12 months to help customers gain efficiencies in their operations.”

Making Gaskets Easier to Clean and Maintain

Made of durable Santoprene® rubber, the design of Traulsen’s EZ-Clean Gasket helps support an operator’s sanitation and food quality programs. Already factory-installed on R and A Series units (with G Series installs beginning within 30 days), Traulsen expects to add the EZ-Clean gaskets to the rest of its most popular product lines by year’s end. The EZ-Clean Gasket also can be added to all current production models of Traulsen cabinets.

The EZ-Clean Gasket is molded into a new profile with rounded bellows making dirt build-up more visible and accessible compared to industry-standard rubber gaskets that have tight folds and hard-to-reach crevices. The Santoprene rubber material can be quickly cleaned with sanitizer and a washcloth, which significantly reduces the risk of cuts and punctures that can compromise a traditional gasket’s effectiveness.

Maximizing Compressor Performance

Traulsen also recently introduced the innovative Bare Tube Coil, which helps extend the life of the compressor on R- and A-Series reach-ins by facilitating ample airflow passage into the condenser.

The finless design of the Bare Tube Coil means there is far less surface area where dirt and dust can accumulate compared to traditional condenser coils. When dirt and dust accumulate on traditional coils, air flow is restricted forcing the compressor to work harder. In energy savings alone, the Bare Tube Coil will pay for itself in the first two years of use, based on an energy cost of $0.15 per kilowatt-hour. In addition, the time-consuming process of cleaning traditional condenser coils is virtually eliminated with the Bare Tube Coil.

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