There’s a big difference between the right temperature and the perfect temperature.

It’s air quality—how you use temperature airflow to generate high-quality results. It’s how the air in the cabinet gets your food to a safe temperature faster. How consistently and thoroughly the air chills or warms your food. How precisely and easily you can maintain the perfect air temperature. Traulsen has airflow technologies that make air do its best work.

Every Traulsen Blast Chiller is specially designed to chill contents—even at full capacity—faster and more uniformly than has ever been possible before.

The key is Traulsen’s cyclonic airflow technology. Cyclonic airflow creates a “curtain” of cold air that constantly circles through the chiller, top to bottom, using centrifugal blowers to direct and distribute the air evenly for rapid heat transfer from the product. This constant, thorough air circulation chills food to safe temperatures in approximately 90 minutes—without edge freezing or forming exterior ice. Because the temperature you set is precisely controlled and maintained by Traulsen’s exclusive INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessors, you can set your product temperature target and holding temperatures to the specific characteristics or requirements of your food—knowing that the temperature will stay right there.


Roll-in rack Roll-in rack compatibillity
Another Traulsen advantage that can help in cook-chill kitchens or those that prepare large batches is our roll-in rack compatibility that lets you transfer a full rack of trays or pans from a Hobart Combi® Oven to a blast chiller in one motion.Roll-in rack compatibility

Cyclonic Airflow Pattern The cyclonic airflow pattern provides for a consistent distribution of cold air, resulting in rapid chill-down times.

The greatest advancement toward improving food preservation.

It’s not hard to maintain temperatures inside a refrigerator, freezer or hot-food holding cabinet: just never open the doors. Because every time you take something out, harsh kitchen environments play havoc with cabinet temperatures. Kitchen air sneaks in to form warm air pockets. Or the cabinet fights heat loss with energy cost. Traulsen’s TempAssure airflow system maintains consistent air temperature by keeping airflow balanced and regulated, the greatest advancement toward improving food preservation.

R&A Series

R & A Series Refrigerators and Freezers

Traulsen R & A Series refrigerators and freezers feature rear-biased return air ducts located in the top of each unit, reducing heat infiltration, putting less strain on the airflow system, maximizing equipment life as well as product shelf life. Result: a near immediate return to your set temperature—all precisely controlled and maintained by Traulsen’s INTELA-TRAUL microprocessors to keep food fresh and safe longer, save energy—and allow your kitchen to work smarter.

Traulsen's TempAssure airflow system forces cool air down the entire length of the cabinet.

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Hot-food Holding Cabinets

Hot-food Holding Cabinets

Traulsen hot-food holding cabinets include a new heating system that distributes hot air evenly and effectively throughout the cabinet, eliminating extremely hot or cold pockets. Thanks to a low-watt density serpentine heater, heat is better distributed throughout the cabinet to keep food consistently hot and ready to serve to your customers.

A 20-foot-long, S-shaped heater element distributes hot air evenly and effectively throughout the hot-food holding cabinet. Two heating systems are included with two- and three-section models.

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tseries prep table

Prep Tables

Traulsen Compact and Full-Size Prep Tables feature a specially engineered forced-air design, where cold air from the evaporator flows up to the pan rail, circulating around food pans. It then returns down the rear-wall air duct, flowing into the cabinet base and back to the evaporator.

Surrounded by this constant, cool blanket of air, food stays safe and fresh longer, without freezing or drying out. The new TS Full-Size Prep Tables deliver up to 15 hours of NSF 7-Certified temperature performance.

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Now every kitchen can enjoy the benefits of Cook Chill
Greatest Advancement Toward Improving Food Preservation
Greatest Advancement Toward Improving Food Preservation
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