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The G-Series performs for years and still has energy to spare.

Quick Facts

  • ENERGY STAR® listed solid-door models can save up to 45% per year in energy costs
  • Exclusive airflow system evenly distributes cool air throughout cabinet
  • Every model covered by a five-year compressor warranty

Temperature controls that give you actual control.

The microprocessor control with LED temperature display on the G-Series lets you control temperatures tightly to an actual number, not just "colder" or "warmer." G-Series refrigerators and freezers have a top-mounted, self-contained, balanced refrigeration system. The airflow system keeps the even, standard temperature in the refrigerator at 34°F to 38°F and at 0°F to -5°F in the freezer.

G Series Temp Control 1 An airflow system that shows what it means to work "smarter, not harder." Each time you open the door of your refrigerator, you risk affecting the interior temperature. What’s worse, return air ducts that pull heated air from your kitchen through the front of the cabinet force your refrigerator to work that much harder. Traulsen equipment features rear-biased return air ducts located in the top of each unit, reducing heat filtration, putting less strain on the airflow system, maximizing equipment life as well as product shelf life.

Our TempAssure airflow system incorporates a blower that creates a plenum effect, spreading return air evenly over the entire coil blower surface, then forcing cool air through the discharge duct and down the entire length of the cabinet, where it travels across the unit to return through the rear-biased air duct. As a result, warm pockets are eliminated from refrigerators, and consistent interior temperatures are maintained even after a door has been opened. That keeps food fresh and safe longer, and saves energy, allowing your kitchen to work smarter.

Save energy, save food, save costs.

Most reach-in, solid-door G-Series models are ENERGY STAR® listed, which could save you up to 45% per year in energy costs. The G-Series includes Traulsen’s exclusive airflow system that evenly distributes cool air throughout the cabinet to help keep food fresh and safe longer. The G-Series also saves you money with long-lasting parts that are covered by warranty, so you avoid potentially costly maintenance and repair. Door hinges are covered by a lifetime warranty, as are handles on our solid-door models. And every model is covered by a five-year compressor warranty.

G Series Cost 1Construction that stands up to repeated use for repeated years. Solid-door G-Series models feature a stainless steel front, doors that are insulated with high-density, non-CFC, foamed-in-place polyurethane and a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum interior. The lift-up, one-piece louver assembly is constructed from stainless steel, and a recessed door pan protects gaskets, extending their life.

Traulsen refrigerators and freezers are constructed with no flare joints. Instead, only soldered joints connect the refrigeration components, eliminating leak problems.

Durability is backed up with our product warranties: a lifetime warranty on door hinges and handles and a five-year compressor warranty. Traulsen uses a rust- and corrosion- resistant finish that increases the life of the cabinet. Finally, our one-piece sides prevent soil buildup and improve overall cabinet strength, making sure it stands up to years of heavy use.

Simple to use. Because running a kitchen is complicated enough.

G Series Ease 1Not only easy to purchase, the G-Series is also easy to "plug and play." Microprocessor controls are simple to read and operate. Factory-installed shelves are mounted on a pin system for easy adjusting and cleaning. A top-mounted refrigeration system allows convenient access for cleaning and service.

G Series Ease 2Self-closing doors prevent temperature loss, and a stay-open feature makes it easier to load and unload product. The G-Series also offers ample internal storage space without requiring the use of junior shelves.

Product Spec Sheets


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